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Take your smart speaker with the GRABBATT everywhere.


The Grabbatt is the first 10000 mAh rechargeable battery suitable for both the smart speakers Google Home Mini and the Amazon Echo Dot (2nd gen.). Just connect the smart speaker at the micro USB connector and klick it on the Grabbatt. It make's your smart speaker portable so you can use Amazon Alexa or Google assistent everywhere in and around your home when in reach of your WIFI. When connected to your Hotspot of your mobile phone, you can use your smart speaker everywhere on the world.

The Grabbatt is available in WHITE (later also available in DARK GREY).

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Grabbatt 10 hours operationaloperational

With a fully charged battery, the Grabbatt will run your smart speaker for around 10 hours. Play your favourite music or play games with your assistant together with your family and friends for hours.

Grabbatt 48 hours standbystandby

When the Grabbatt isn't actively used the smart speaker will be standby for approximately 48 hours. The connected smart speaker will react as soon when you speak to it.

Grabbatt no wall outlet neededNo wall outlet

Because of the Google battery the smart speaker does not need to be constantly connected to a outlet and with the wireless charging system you can place and take the Grabbatt with the smart speaker easily from the Qi charging-disc. The power cable of your smart speaker can be connected to the wireless charging-disc.

Accessories Alexa Amazon Echo DotExtra accessoiries for alexa*

With the extra accessory ring for Amazon's Echo Dot (2nd gen.), it will fit perfect in the Grabbatt and with the extended audio cable you can connect any earphone or audio device with a 3,5 mm audio plug.

* extra option feature

Grabbatt battery updateBattery update

At any time you can check the battery status of the Grabbatt. By clicking the blue button, the LEDs will show you the status. One LED means 25%, two LEDs 50%, three LEDs 75% and four LEDs 100% power is available.

* Extra option feature: One LED blinking red and a modest warning sound is hearing means the Grabbatt needs to be charged.

Your smart speaker everywhere

The Grabbatt make's your smart speaker portable so you can use it everywhere in and around your home when in reach of your WIFI. You can easily place the smart speaker in your garden, bathroom, bedroom, garage or anywhere else without unplugging and reconnecting. When you connect the smart speaker with your hotspot of your phone, you can use the smart speaker everywhere in the world where mobile internet is available. See the support page for installation instruction.


Smart speakers are getting more and more popular and are increasingly used in households around the world. For instance in the Netherlands the smart speaker got well known about the Google Home Mini Albert Heijn promotion offer. A smart speaker like the Google Home Mini and optional also for the Amazon's Echo Dot (2nd gen.) can assist the user by voice control. Just ask what you want to know, ask to play music or play a game with it. The smart speaker will answer your question or play the music you asked for.

Also a lot of 'internet of things' products can be connected to the smart speakers and can then be controlled with your voice.

The Grabbatt is the first rechargeable battery suitable for both the smart speakers and makes them portable.


One of Grabbatt unique option features is the QI function to charge. This makes it easy to use and ensures that your Grabbatt with the smart speaker is always ready to go.

* extra option feature


The Grabbatt features are a big advantage in the market and a big step forward in enabling artificial intelligence portable.

  • Powerful clams to hold the smart speakers.
  • 10,000 mAh rechargeable battery.
  • On/Off & function button
  • Also a micro USB charger input
  • Battery status LEDs indication.
  • 10 hours of continuosly operation.
  • Approximately 48 hours standby.

Extra Options:

  • Passage for extended audio cable (Echo Dot).
  • Connector for Google Home Mini & Amazon Echo Dot.
  • Qi wireless charging system.
  • Low power warning.


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