In December 2017 the the portable battery was born when the use of Google Home Mini on a fixed place in the home was unworkable. Listing to music, playing games or using the assistent was now possible everywhere in and around the home.

In January we formed our team of experts. We know each other for years and all have our own companies with different disciplines in industrial design, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

We started making multiple prototypes by 3D printing the housing and installing all the electronics inside to make a workable product. After this we had a lot of meetings with different producers to get a good view on how to produce the Grabbatt and what the production cost will be. We wanted to know all these facts before interducing the Grabbatt on a funding site to have a project that will be achievable.


Electrical Engineer

Roel Houwers

It all started with his idea. Roel is a gadget man with a technical background. Roel is a perfectionist and has a good sense of detail. Ease of use and quality are at the top of his list and what he stands for. Roel his profession is Art director and Marketing specialist and is owner of R.O.E.L Design Brand Advertising, which he uses for the Grabbatt promotion and upcoming marketing. All the electronic detail and functions of the Grabbatt are in hand of Roel - that also his expertise.


Industrial Designer

Marc Kramps

With more than 8 years of experience Marc is always looking for a suitable solution and new ideas. How can we make something fitting, what else can we do? let's try this. Marc has his own company (Basi D Products) where he sells, among other things, lounge furniture, a concept he has conceived and executed himself. Made-to-measure furniture and several 3D projects Marc worked on and carried out like a scale model for Hotel Nhow Rai and Blowup letters for I Amsterdam. 3D printing and designing is what he now works with.


Mechanical Engineering

Jan Kramps

Is the technical draftsman with more than 40 years of experience in the technical profession. For 30 years Jan has worked for a Swiss company with high quality requirements in the newspaper industry. Several technical machines and parts come from the hand of Jan. The last 10 years, Jan has worked for himself as a freelance for various projects where always a solution has to be found for a technical problem. With the Grabbatt all technical drawings are made by Jan.